Tuesday, June 5, 2012


i didn't post for a while. and i'll tell you why... i typed up a nice post about inspirational music (yes there was a gackt song, but it's not what you think) and then this dumb blogger thing didn't post any of the videos! well i hit preview and they didn't come up so i saved it for later.

for tonight i was working on a pony for a friend who just had a baby. now sadly i'm not really showing the pics off atm, but soon and all i have left is sealing, styling, and the addition of ribbon roses i've already made!

so you want a picture anyway?
i was introduced tot he super cute korean keayboard stickers at cuteinkorea

and i don't actually have a ds collection, but one is mine, the other two sort of belong to lyn, one is broken and the other she is earning.

TC= Top Cat. he died at the ripe old age of 17, i miss him dearly.

i have 3 drawers stuffed full of hair...

pikachu was made by Asahi-Chan

my wacom is my desk's pride and joy

but my mouse pad has a pic of my daughters on it. <3 walmart for that one.

gotta love ebay and cheap chinese goods for the mouse, very cheap and very pretty.

hedgie isn't mine, but nani's. she's on my desk to be glues back together.

ignore my meds and just be glad water is my choice drink for arting ^_^

oh and HUSH HUSH!

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