Wednesday, May 30, 2012

maybe you thought about it....

i bet you're wondering if i really do a little art each day. you're thinking, "she must finish projects quickly! she's arting everyday! what an amazing person. maybe her house is falling down around her tho, maybe she ignores her children just to paint ponies and lecture us on vector art! oh noes, ruby's a mean messy person!"

actually... i ignore my art for my kids. if they're home and awake while i'm working on a project it's because they're ignoring me! "who wants to play uno?!" ...."(My Little Pony) I used to wonder what friendship could be (My Little Pony) Until you all shared its magic with me..." "oh.... i guess it's tv time. you did your homework, and your chores... i'll leave you be now." *walks away sad mom*

but on top of all that... i do art as a side job. my main employment is my family. i do laundry, shopping, meal planning, etc. so when i do get time for art... what do i do? usually i start another project. so i actually have 27ish projects started right now. and that might just be the ponies....

what did i do today? something fun, exciting, interesting, and possibly going to check 7 things off my list by friday!

these are tiny ponies. and i mean about half the size of a mlpfim blindbag. as you can see i have the mane 6 (yes i spelled "main" wrong on purpose in favor of the pony pun of "mane") and a little extra gifty pony. the gift is actually done so as soon as i have a box to mail her in she already has a new home.

these tiny ponies are sculpted from lumina clay, it's a semi-translucent air drying (time drying?) polymer clay. it can be dyed with acrylic paint before sculpting (so like while conditioning it) and because of that... pinkie pie started out as purple. they're all also a little gummi and flexible. altho still breakable. these were made over the course of 3 sculpting sessions, the last one being about 3 1/2 hours and very intense. i hope that when i unveil all 7 you will be pleased. if i work on painting them tomorrow and friday i might get final pics before the kids get off the bus, which means i can list the 6 on ebay! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway... i like the lumina clay, but... it's not detaily like apoxie and super sculpey. and what it doesn't pick up in details it picks up in sorta looking clumpy like play doh. i hope to have all that fixed by picture time tho. wish me luck

for now ruby say good night!

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